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Fortnite is a huge game. And with the hype on it growing every day, players are looking for ways to get skins and vBucks without spending money.

Getting vBucks without paying is one of the best ways to get ahead in this competition. You can use them later on for skins or other things. It won't cost you any real money, so it's perfectly fine to try your hand at getting some free Fortnite stuff.

It's almost impossible to play Fortnite for more than 5 minutes without stumbling on multiple videos or streams of people gloating about how they got their hands on some skins and vBucks without actually getting them.

People often ask where they can get free Fortnite stuff like skins and vBucks. Some even ask if there's a way to hack this game. Today I will be telling you all the details on how to get Fortnite skins and vBucks for free with no effort at all.

There is no sensitive information that you need, just your phone number and a few minutes of your time.

You will only need to make a phone call, send a message or complete few offers from famous brands such as Amazon or Samsung. Yes, you read right, you will be completing offers to get your desired skins and vBucks.

These offers are called Vouchers and they can be exchanged for Fortnite skins and vBucks. More on these vouchers later in the article.


Option 1: By doing surveys or watching videos

In this method, you will be using a service called Tapjoy, an app that pays its users for completing different tasks and offers. Below is the picture of what we need to do: As you can see there are many available offers on the screen and all we have to do is choose one. It will take less than nutes to do it and once you're done the offer you will receive your rewards. After completing an offer, Tapjoy might ask if you want to watch an ad in order to get free vBucks (It's very obvious - don't click it!)

After getting your reward, all that is left to do is to go back to the homepage of Tapjoy and claim your reward. The only thing you need to do now is pick an offer that will give you more vBucks/sweg emoji's then you invested in it.


Option 2: By watching videos or playing games for free vBucks


This method is similar to the first one, the only difference is that you will be using a different app to get these rewards. SwagBucks is one of today's most popular apps and it gives you a few ways of earning free rewards: Watching videos Completing surveys Completing offers Playing games I highly recommend trying one out as they are much easy to complete then the first method and the payout is decent.

Once you have chosen one, all you need to do is watch a video or complete whatever offer it's asking for and that's it! The app should automatically give you your SwagBucks once the task is completed. Now just go back to swagbucks homepage, click redeem and choose what reward you want to get.


Option 3: By getting a free trial of Fortnite and buying the Battle Pass

It seems that the third one is the most popular method as it gives you a lot more benefits then just skins. If you're new to this game, I highly recommend trying out their free trial as it is completely free and if you like the game, you can continue to play it

In order to get a free trial all, you need to do is go here and sign in with your Epic Games account. After that, it will ask if you want to try the game or buy something from them - choose 'try for free' and that's it!

After getting your free trial, Epic will ask you if you want to upgrade the account and continue playing Fortnite for free. In order to do that, just keep reading what's written on their screen and after a few steps it will ask you to buy the battle pass from them directly - don't buy it! You can get this for free by completing offers or just by playing games/videos.

Once you get to your account, click on 'Buy' and choose the battle pass you want to buy (there are two options) - I chose the cheapest one because it is an offer that will give me more vBucks then I invested in it.

After clicking on the option, you chose you will see that the battle pass is free! All that's left to do now is go back to your account and find out where to get it

Now that we have all this, you must be wondering how much time should I invest in these apps? I recommend using at least 2-3 of them (or all if you want) as they are very easy to use and you will get a decent amount of vBucks/sweg emojis after doing a few tasks. I personally recommend Tapjoy as it gives you more for less time invested. But thanks to these apps, we can finally get our hands on some skins!

After getting 10 000+ vBucks from different offers I decided to get the default skin which is called Carbide. It is a very cool looking skin and requires you to invest a lot less vBucks on it compared to all of the other ones. I also got some sweg emojis for free!


Option 4: By account

Follow these steps to get your free vBucks and skins.

Step one: Get a account if you don't have one already. It is completely free to make one here.

Step two: Search for the Voucher section in then click on vouchers.

You should see this page after following the previous step.

Step three: Click on free offers, then select Fortnite Vouchers, you should see this page after that:

Now to get your Fortnite skins and vBucks all you have to do is complete one offer, it can be anything from an Amazon voucher or a Samsung phone.

Step four: Click on any offer, you will be redirected to the offer's page.

The offers are very simple and easy to complete, they won't take more than 10 minutes of your time so it is not a waste at all!

If you fail completing them, just click on retake offer button.

On this section you will find all the offers that you have to complete, just click on any one of them then you will be redirected to their redemption page.

Enter the offer's code in the blank space then press redeem. That's it! All done! After completing your first offer, you will be able to get your rewards in the mail.

Step five:  Don't forget to backup your account because doing this over and over again will eventually get you a ban! This can be done on the website by going on the "Account" tab then clicking on reedem codes.

Option 5: Promotional codes

First off you need to own a console such as Xbox or PlayStation and make sure that you have access to the internet

Then simply head over to your games store and look for promotional codes which can sometimes be found in icon packs, bundles and pre-orders

After redeeming the code, we will want to check our email (this is where you need to be careful, there are a bunch of scams out there that say it's free but they want your email)

Now make sure the message is from Epic Games and not some marketing company trying to sell you something cause I ain't got time for all that. Click on the redeem code button and here comes the next part (Now this is the part where you are probably going to need some money)

Now that you have got your rewards just start following these easy steps all over again and keep getting free stuff.

After getting my hands on this skin, I strongly recommend getting it as well if you're using these apps to get skins! If you don't like it, you can always sell the in-game currency and get something else for free.

I hope you enjoy this method as much as I do, remember that it is completely free and safe to use so there's no risk at all.

Now let's take a look at how we end our guide; with some tips and tricks to help you out:

- If say someone wants an email in order to give you free stuff then don't do it! This is when your personal information can be sold off and used against you. Most people want your home address so they can charge you for things that they never sent.

- There are those people out there who scour the web looking for those free vBucks and then try to hack you and take your stuff! This is why we recommend using a VPN or just simply surfing on an anonymous browser because not only will this stop them from hacking you, but it also helps you keep your information private.

- Some websites that claim to have free stuff will just use you for views and links, they don't actually want to give out the freebies but if enough people look at their website, then they make money. Think about it; even the person giving away the vBucks wants to make a profit off of it so they can give another free vBuck.




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